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Individually we sparkle.

Together we illuminate.





  • Help people/organisations/planet become self sufficient/sustainable as fast as possible

  • See the best in everyone

  • Support people to achieve their greatest potential

  • Engender a community spirit

  • Eager to progress in every situation

  • Pursue ingenious solutions

  • A partnership based on openness, honesty, trust, listening, challenging and respect.


  • Business transformation / consulting

    • Over 60% of business owners say they:

      • are always working

      • lack work life balance

      • feel stressed, lonely and burnt out

      • believe the business is not delivering its full potential

    • Our prospering with purpose program creates:

      • engaged and fulfilled employees

      • free time / freedom for owners

      • opportunities for owners to be more entrepreneurial / influential

      • substantially improved business performance

  • Financial fluency

    • Most people lack the funds required for retirement and are unaware.​

    • Our financial fluency initiative presents, in a simple way, why, how and what is required for people to understand and take full ownership. 



  • Openly sharing stories / cases about time in business as well as personal events.

  • Testimonials.

  • Background / personal information

  • Qualifications.

About us

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are the heartbeat of the world, sometimes like forgotten heroes they soldier on. These have soul and were born from the marriage of an owners purpose coming together with a societal problem and from the passion generated a business is born.

To us owners, the business is like a child - it serves a purpose that we owners would like to out-last us. Initially the business requires a lot of nurture from the parent (the owner) giving it devoted attention, however as time goes on and it develops and employs more people then it should require less assistance and eventually it will need to survive on its own.

As owner’s when we start a business we are not taught our role in its evolution and we end up spending a huge amount of time in the business, as we try to do too much ourselves, almost akin to a parent trying to live our life through our children, rather than preparing it for self sufficiency.

Owners of SMEs are entrepreneurs at heart and this heavy involvement in running the business often means that some of that spirit can remain unfulfilled. Entrepreneurship is one of the key elements to creating a more sustainable redistribution of wealth and so we believe releasing business owner’s time to be more entrepreneurial as well as developed the next generation is extremely important in creating a more sustainable planet.

We offer a solution that is actually relatively simple and just requires the development of others, although how that is achieved is more difficult, and that is where our prospering with purpose program comes in.

We hold the owner's hand and assist them to spend time leading the organisation and developing the people within, creating a culture where everyone feels inspired and valued. This unlocks the latent potential in both the employees and the business as well as frees the owner’s time. This can be a little daunting, however we know we have the courage and determination as that’s what it takes to start a business and in this program the same attributes are required. 

Research shows that when we have a workforce that is engaged in the purpose of the business then the business delivers better financials by 147%, the employees feel more fulfilled and the business has greater longevity. From an owners perspective there are the additional benefits of more time to pursue your purpose, a choice of exit (if appropriate) and greater fulfilment from seeing other people and the business grow.

Our philosophy is about uplifting as many as people as possible and to arrive at this high performance state as quickly as possible and so that businesses and individuals become self sufficient.

When we work together we will accelerate business performance and free your time and potential.

Let’s plot the way forward.

Individually we sparkle, together we illuminate

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