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Adrian Brown



  • Masters of Business Administration (University of Warwick 2001)

  • BA(Hons) Economics & Accounting (University of Leeds 1989)

  • Associate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (1994)

Case Studies, experience, stories, testimonial

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Case studies

Shows the situations and what has been achieved for a number of different cases. Each has a 1 page write up describing what occurred.

Testimonials from a number of different sources.

Speaking, speaker, conferences, present



Spoken around the world at business conferences about creating sustainable cultures and Sales & Operational Planning [S&OP] (although we like to call it IBEX – integrated business execution – planning does not represent the fact that this becomes the fundamental business decision making process and therefore is focused on action).

[Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, London, Moscow, Nashville, Paris, Sao Paulo, Stockholm]

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I love the freedom of expression especially through music, dance and cooking. Helping others has been high on my agenda since the age of 2 and sports provide me with a way to challenge myself both individually and as part of a team. Finally, there is my son, Enzo, and helping, supporting and encouraging him to develop in a way that best supports his dreams.


Kane Minkus

industry Rockstar

Kane, Minkus, Mentor, industry, Rockstar



Skill, development, training
  • Cultural training (1996)

  • Total productive maintenance (1998)

  • IISI International management seminar (2004)

  • Junior football coach (2010-15)

  • Brazilian Portuguese (2012)

  • Level 3 award in education and training (2016)

  • Prince2 practitioner (2016)

  • The art & science of impact speaking [Lisa Nichols] (2019) 

  • Start at the top [industry Rockstar] (2020)

  • Various IT training: Hyperion; Essbase; Anaplan

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People, quotes, poems, art, events and other things that have provided some inspiration.

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