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Music, Interest, Free, Express


My music taste is wide and varied, I don’t judge where it originates – I just enjoy it for what it is. The variety adds to the enjoyment as artists find ways to express themselves. Rock, alternative, indie and electronic are my most listened to although classical, pop and even foreign language music are all stored. Whether I like it or not I always respect the freedom of people to express themselves in the way they choose.

Dance, free, express, interest


This really follows on from my love of music – the very essence of losing yourself in the music and letting your body flow to the sounds bursting through the air waves. Dancing with spirit and freedom is so liberating, not caring what other think of you – just living the moment and expressing yourself – never scared to be, even when you are the only one on the dancefloor 😉.

Son, develop, encourage, support, express

My son - Enzo

My son Enzo is very dear to me and I use my time with him to help prepare him for his future. I support and encourage him to be whatever he wants to be and do everything possible to make sure he takes responsibility for his own life so that he will flourish and blossom. He had some challenging times with bullying, however with support he found a way through it and had the wisdom to say “I feel pity for them as if that is the best use of their time then that is sad”. He has many good thoughts and at the age of 6 wanted to set up a company to bring fresh water to people who needed it in places like Africa and wanted to share the profits with them. I know he will help to make the world  a better place. I also ask him to challenge me and give me feedback – I once asked him to describe me in 7 words and he said “caring, intelligent, creative, generous, encouraging, innovative and supportive”.

Cooking, interest, express, taste


Now food – I love food. Trying different recipes from all around the world – tantalizing our tastes buds – what isn’t there to delight about that? I love the experimentation and the creativity of throwing things together to see what mouth-watering marvels materialise. I will try my hand at anything, although my desserts and cakes seem to go down particularly well. Cooking is especially inspiring when I have guests coming – I will always serve up something that I have never cooked before – cooking for others is so much more fun.

Cakes, birthday, interest, express
Help, people, support, encorage, care

Helping others

Helping others has be ingrained in me from a very early age. At 3 I would be feeding the birds, taking care of my sister and helping my mum where I could (although at times she did not perceive it as help😉). This has carried on throughout my life and you will often see me dropping things to help friends or develop colleagues in work – assisting them towards their greatest life. I have far greater fulfilment from being able to help someone else, which is good because luckily I have been wired that way.

Interest, Sport, Challenge, Achieve, Play


I’m always keen to try new sports – it has been an interest of mine since I was young. Generally, I pick things up relatively quickly, although I never really excel at anything I am proficient at most things I do. I love the challenge of a game, both individually and as part of a team. I play to win, although the taking part is much more important – it is a game and the only real competition is ourselves and challenging ourselves to be better everyday. For 5 years I coached my son’s football side (from the ages of 7 to 11) – it was tremendously rewarding to see the kids develop over the years – I stuck to my principles of making sure all players had a equivalent time on the field to enable all of them to develop, even at times when pressure came from the parents.

Poem, Free, Express
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